Balcony Collapse at Stewart Heights
By Lieutenant Michael Johnston
July 31, 2020

On July 31st 2020 the Mount Kisco Fire Department was dispatched to Stewart Heights apartments for reports of the 7th floor balcony that had collapsed on to the 6th floor balcony. Units arrived and confirmed that the 7th floor balcony had collapsed on to the 6th floor balcony but was still partially attached to the building and was suspended creating a hazard to anyone below it. Members went to the roof to confirm no persons were on the balcony. Those members brought bags of rope with them, which were sent over the edge and placed under the 6th floor balcony and secured around the bulkhead for the stairwell. This was just a temporary solution to avoid further damage until a crane arrived. First arriving units were on scene for approximately 7 hours. There were no injuries to any firefighter or civilians.